About Ruya

The name Ruya Foundation (Ru’ya رؤية) is derived from the Arabic word Ra’aa (rā hamza yā , رَأَى). It is used over three hundred times in the Quran in different forms. The direct meaning of the word Ra’aa is to see, perceive, notice, observe, discern, consider, think and contemplate.


The word has been used in the Quran to gain information or knowledge not just through the process of seeing, but also by using mental and spiritual faculties. It is used to see through logic, analysis, experimentation, history and spiritual insight. The context in which this word is used clearly shows that the Quran not only encourages but requires the knowledge of physical and social sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Paleontology, History and Mathematics. The process of Ra’aa, thus, comprehensively captures the mission of the Ruya Foundation.