By the grace of Allah and with your generous support, Ruya Foundation was able to sponsor one great religious scholar Mr. Mufti Mahdi Alam to achieve his dream of getting a US degree in cognitive sciences at at Columbia University NY.

Mufti Mahdi Alam completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’an at Darul Uloom New York, after which he enrolled in the Alim program at the same institute. A few years later he transferred to Darul Quran Was Sunnah, New York and later completed the Alim program as well as the Iftaa program at Darul Uloom Azaadville, South Africa. Thereafter he went to Markaz al-Da’wah al Islamiyyah, Dhaka, where he studied ulum al-hadith under Maulana Muhammad Abdul Malek. He now teaches hadith and usul al-hadith at Darul Uloom New York.

As mentioned above he is currently studying cognitive science and Islamic studies at Columbia University. He is particularly interested in addressing the challenges arising from the perceived conflict between religion and science. He intends to use cognitive science as a gateway to the study of epistemology and the philosophy of science, which he aims to use to help provide a solution to these challenges.