Mufti Mehdi Aalam

Many Muslims around the world – especially the youth among them – are going through a crisis of faith. One of the major causes behind this is a lack of education in the Islamic sciences and an uncritical acceptance of certain modern ideologies and scientific theories.

There is thus a dire need to present Islam in a rational manner. Muslims must also engage with the modern sciences, clearly demonstrating that Islam does not conflict with scientific facts or reason. Insha’allah this will play a huge role in stemming the tide of atheism and disillusionment with religion, while reviving faith and conviction in the hearts of the Muslims. This can be best done by those who are well versed in both Islam and modern thought.

Ruya Foundation aims to help Muslim scholars face this challenge. Towards achieving this objective they provide scholarships so that scholars can get the needed university education in modern disciplines such as the natural sciences, philosophy and economics.

I am grateful to Ruya Foundation for selecting me as its first scholarship recipient. Without their support, I doubt I would have had the opportunity to study the philosophy of science at Columbia University. With this education I hope to contribute to the realization of our shared mission.

I believe that Ruya Foundation’s vision is a farsighted one, and critical for the faith of current and future generations of Muslims. I request all who read this to please support Ruya Foundation in any way they can, keeping in mind that this is an opportunity for sadaqah jariyah (perpetual charity). Jazakumullah khaira.